Check out some of our awesome speakers for 2021!

They’re eager to share their accumulated experiences and expertise with you to help you be the best digital marketer and social media experts you can be!

Amy Hourigan

Digital Marketing Consultant, Amy Who?

Digital marketing consultant Amy Hourigan has spent the better part of a decade perfecting the art of digital marketing with a strong focus on Search Engine Optimisation. Marrying strong technical knowledge with marketing and communication skills that get people clicking Amy drives both organic and paid markets to her client websites with the aim of business growth.

Dena Vassallo

Founder and Managing Director, SOCIETY

With over 20 years of international experience at some of the world’s largest agencies, Dena has been recognised as one of the most experienced industry professionals in Australia. Among many accolades, Dena has lead her Marketing and Communications firm, SOCIETY, to win the Telstra Business Awards for Emerging and Energised in South Australia for 2019.

Jaclyn Thorne

Company Director and Lead Facilitator, McGregor Tan & Founder and Director, Expy. Be Exceptional Consulting 

With a passion for tourism and hospitality, Jaclyn seized opportunities to run events in the Clare Valley in Local Government, to become the Marketing Manager at Tourism Barossa, General Manager at Tourism Central Australia and is now a successful business owner and member of the Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism Board.

In early 2021, Jaclyn launched a separate consultancy focussing on optimising customer experiences through improving tech ex, staff experiences, product/ service and data visualisations. 

Jen Evison

Freelance Marketing Consultant

Jen is a freelance marketing consultant with over 13 years experience in the digital marketing space. She aims to help businesses understand how digital marketing can help support their business goals with the right strategies, tools, resources, and content. Jen has had the opportunity to work with a variety of brands across the US and Australia – from small family run businesses to large organisations that have website traffic from all around the world. 

Jo Fort

Chairperson of Flinders Ranges and Outback Tourism

Jo Fort has spent much of her life living and working in the Outback. She has professional experience in tourism, hospitality and remote area health.

Currently, Jo oversees the planning and coordination of hospitality and tourism activities at the Innamincka Hotel. She is the Chairperson of Flinders Ranges and Outback Tourism and is a Board Member on the Outback Communities Authority. She has recognised success in brand building and marketing of the Birdsville and Innamincka Hotels, The Outback Loop travel itinerary and the Aussie Travel Code tourism initiative.

She aspires to build strong and respectful relationships within outback communities and to be part of an ongoing story that reflects the unique nature of the Australian Outback.

Kathryn Jensen

Social Media Producer, ABC Adelaide

Over the last three years Kathryn has led the social media and content strategy for ABC Adelaide’s social media platforms. Kathryn has a journalism background with over 10 years in commercial radio and 4 years working with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Her recent role as a Social Media Producer sees her working collaboratively with ABC news, ABC Radio programs and ABC TV programming to create content for social platforms that engages audiences.  

Louise Gleeson

Digital Marketing Executive, SeaLink Kangaroo Island

Louise has spent the last ten years in the social media and digital space, most recently creating content and strategies with the SeaLink Travel Group to promote the Kangaroo Island, Murray River and greater Adelaide regions. She previously has experience in this space in South Australia in the property and international development industries.

Louise will be chatting to us about creating content to promote tourism destinations, harnessing your partnerships to do so, the benefits of influencer marketing, as well as some key insights for how this worked over the past year with COVID-19.   

Mal Chia

Chief Marketing Officer, Ryderwear

Mal is an award-winning marketer and leader who helps brands achieve rapid growth. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ryderwear, growing the company from $17M to $42M in 12 months with no funding. Prior to this he was an early Uber employee, launching multiple cities and leading UberEATS in South Australia.

Mal has consulted or worked in-house on globally-recognised brands and startups including Coca-Cola, University of Adelaide, Australian Institute of Business, Vodafone and Microsoft.

Michael Trevarrow

Marketing Manager, BankSA

Michael is a data-driven marketer, currently helping BankSA evolve and differentiate themselves in the cluttered banking sector. Working in the banking industry through a turbulent few years, Michael’s most recent role as Marketing Manager sees him responsible for marketing activity across everyday banking products and the BankSA brand.

He will be chatting to us about the value of brand and leveraging integrated sponsorships, as well as an insight into how to navigate content creation in what some might see as an unglamourous industry for content.

Mike Bennet

Cellar Door Manager, Samuel’s Gorge

Mike Bennett is the Cellar Door Manager at boutique McLaren Vale winery ‘Samuel’s Gorge’. He has been actively running the social media accounts there since March 2017. With no formal training in marketing, Mike draws on life experience, a passion for wine, and a sense of humour to work in what could be described as a somewhat “stuffy” industry. His background as a touring musician is juxtaposed to this position and helps bring a fresh approach to the world of wine-wankery.

Polly love

Marketing Manager, Robern Menz

Polly Love is the marketer behind one of South Australia’s most iconic businesses, Robern Menz. In her role as Marketing Manager, she is responsible for the marketing activity across Robern Menz’ portfolio of brands, including Menz FruChocs and Australia’s Violet Crumble.

Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Commerce from Flinders University, Polly started out her career in HR at an Adelaide law firm but soon identified she had more of a passion for what made people tick than she did for payroll, resulting in her move to marketing.

Paul gordon

Partner at Wallmans Lawyers

Paul has a broad commercial skill set, with specialisation in the areas of technology, media law, intellectual property and corporate governance. He is one of Adelaide’s leading experts on social media and privacy law, having been recognised in Doyles Guide for Leading Technology, Media and Telecommunications Lawyers and for Leading Intellectual Property lawyers. As a result of his experience, Paul was named amongst Australia’s Best Lawyers in Commercial Law. 

Ryan Jones

Founder & CEO, Refuel Creative

Ryan Jones is the founder of Refuel Creative, with over twenty years’ experience in technology, web design, and marketing. Ryan is a skilled marketer, technology consultant and Google Ads specialist.

Ryan is a Certified Professional Marketer. He’s been a speaker at conferences across Australia and South East Asia on marketing, websites and Google Ads.

Along with his passion for technology comes his close-knit, creative, energetic team who achieve results time and time again.

Sarah-Jane Picton-King

Founder & Principal Marketing Consultant, King Pixel Digital Marketing

Sarah-Jane Picton-King (or SJPK) is an award winning brand marketer turned Facebook Ads obsessed.

Her experience working with big corporate brands such as Westfield, Myer Centre, Harbourtown and Oxfam means she is an expert social media marketer. SJPK is now the King of leveraging paid Facebook and Instagram ads, funnel landing pages, eComm websites and lead generation email nurturing at King Pixel Digital Marketing.  

Will Giles

Co-Founder, Filtrd Creative Agency

In his relatively short, yet decorated career, Will Giles has led campaigns for ASX listed companies, Australian political parties, Global not for profit organisations and countless small business’ Australia-wide.

Will has also been invited to tour Instagram and Facebook HQ, and most recently collaborated with Canva to be the face of one of their global social media advertising campaigns.Will’s passion for delivering real results, coupled with a drive for pushing the boundaries of the “digital marketing norm” has seen him nominated for various entrepreneurial awards, such as the InDaily 40Under40 awards.