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Elissa Hudson

Senior Marketing Manager, ANZ, HubSpot

Elissa began her career in SEO and content strategy. She then joined HubSpot almost 5 years ago to manage campaigns and comarketing for the APAC region, before moving into demand generation and automation. In this role, Elissa ran HubSpot’s first experiments with Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel and built the company’s first chatbots.

In 2018, Elissa was appointed HubSpot’s PR manager for APAC, responsible for media and events in Australia, Singapore, and India. Now, Elissa works on HubSpot’s global acquisition team, focusing on SEO for HubSpot Academy.

Chris Smith

Founder & Director, BIG Esports

With eleven years’ experience in gaming, esports & technology, Chris is the founder & director of BIG Esports – Servicing the industry through bringing new ideas and revenue lines through the door by partnering with traditional companies, sports and influencers.

Chris’ experience is wide-ranging, coming from his history in semi-professional play, community & national event coordination, game commentary, community management, business development, consultancy and PR & marketing across esports, gaming, influencers and enthusiast technology.

A major focus of present is TikTok content and LinkedIn Live streams.

Past & present clients include: Fox Sports, Gemba, OVO, HOYTS, JBHIFI, NVIDIA, ASUS, Intel, AMD

Ben Teoh

Lifelong Learning Coordinator, City of Marion Libraries

For years, Ben Teoh has been working to support individuals, organisations and communities in the use of online communication. In his current role with the City of Marion Libraries, Ben leads his team to deliver community learning programs and customer service. In addition to this, he also delivers programs in STEM, digital literacy and digital inclusion.

Emily Primavera

Digital Marketing & Optimisation Manager, South Australian Tourism Commission

Starting out with a solid background in data and marketing science at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute put Emily on a path and thirst for the power of data in marketing. With several internships under her belt, she found her way into the world of digital marketing. From here, she pioneered the use of social media advertising at People’s Choice Credit Union, launching the first social media advertising strategy.

Taking this experience onto the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), where there was previously no digital marketing or integrated strategy, Emily was instrumental in implementing a full marketing technology stack and have since led the audience, digital optimisation and digital media strategy. SATC was the first State Tourism Organisation (STO) to utilise marketing technology, and the most advanced in digital marketing strategy in the country.

Working with key travel partners across airlines, accommodation and online travel agents, she has initiated first in market digital focused marketing strategies, including leveraging first party data and audiences to drive results. She also worked with Facebook to implement the the first travel brand conversion study in Australia.

Kristy Schirmer

 Founder & Principal Consultant, Zockmelon Health Promotion and Social Media Consulting

Kristy Schirmer is the founder and Principal Consultant of Zockmelon Health Promotion and Social Media Consulting. With a career spanning issues from blood-borne viruses, obesity, youth health, mental health and tobacco, Kristy now helps other organisations in public health and health promotion understand and use social media effectively. Kristy is the co-founder of the Australian Public Health Consultants Network, she received the South Australian Primary Health Care Practitioner award in 2014, and was recognised as one of South Australia’s top 40 under 40 business leaders by the Adelaide InDaily in 2018.  

Paul Gordon

Partner, Wallmans Lawyers

Paul is a Partner at Wallmans Lawyers after joining them in 2018.

Paul has a broad commercial skill set, with specialisation in the areas of technology, media law, intellectual property and corporate governance. He is one of Adelaide’s leading experts on social media and privacy law, having been recognised in Doyles Guide for Leading Technology, Media and Telecommunications Lawyers and for Leading Intellectual Property lawyers.

Paul provides advice through the entire lifecycle of a business – from incorporation establishment and structuring, to contracts and other commercial agreements, competition and consumer law issues and matters regarding online brand management and marketing. His experience extends to commercialisation of new technologies, complex trademark prosecutions and defences, domain name disputes, defamation, litigation and general commercial advisory services. He has particular interest in corporate governance, assisting organisations across the not for profit, technology, education, agriculture, start up, health and research sectors. As a result of his experience, Paul was named amongst Australia’s Best Lawyers in Commercial Law.

Paul is a sought after speaker at technology and online law conferences, a guest presenter on radio programs and is an author of various publications discussing the intersection of technology and the law and current trends in social media. In 2013, Paul was named the Young Lawyer of the Year, recognising his professional excellence and contributions to the legal profession and the community at large.

Paul is the Managing Director of an online ticketing company, has held a number of board directorships and was also a part owner of a boutique law firm, and as such, has a unique appreciation of issues facing business, and the need for a practical outlook and commercially feasible results.

Kelly Noble

CEO, Glam Adelaide & Co-Founder, Showcase SA

For more than a decade Kelly has been innovating in the digital and social media sphere, most notably as founder and director of Glam Adelaide. Glam Adelaide is South Australia’s first online news network which has a strong focus on positive, lifestyle oriented news. With over 500,000 unique user visits per month and hundreds of thousands of hits, Glam Adelaide has reported on every aspect of South Australia’s growth, including COVID-19 coverage, and assisting businesses to showcase how they’re operating in these challenging times.

In 2019, with husband Steve Testar, Kelly carried on Brand SA’s legacy after it closed, and co-founded Showcase South Australia, a membership based organisation that brings the best of South Australian businesses together. They are also responsible for continuing the I Choose SA Business directory.

Georgina Woskett

Social Media & Content Manager, South Australian Tourism Commission

Leaving the world of homewares buying at Myer and other FMCGs in Melbourne, Georgie was on a quest to find more meaning to life beyond materialism and mass produced goods. Finding her way into blogging and putting her journalism training to good use, soon the power of storytelling and social media had 40,000 people visiting her blog each month. With several trips and destinations in the passport Georgie found herself in love. With South Australia. Taking her learnings of e-commerce, branding and digital content, Georgie packed her bags for her longest journey yet: the South Australian Tourism Commission.

Over the last four years, Georgie has led the social media and content strategy to become the best in class for Australian state tourism organisations interweaving and leveraging written travel content with social media. With no previous integration between the two, the South Australian Tourism Commission now regularly relies on the insights and results from South Australia’s social media and written content performance to help inform campaigns and collaborative marketing strategies.  She has also risen to the challenge to demonstrate the intangible merits of social media for the tourism industry and operators by innovating strategies to achieve more than reach and engagement, but rather traffic to site and conversions without compromising one for the other.

Continuing to push the envelope and reimagine how South Australia tells its brand story and campaigns through social media and written content, Georgie has been instrumental in developing the SATC’s video strategy. Moving from commercial promotional material into cinematic film using transitions to keep the easily-bored online viewer engaged, the SATC has seen substantially lower cost per thru play while increasing reach and watch time. Giving young up and coming creative innovators the opportunity to help tell South Australia’s visual story to a global audience is a rewarding passion in Georgie’s role at SATC.

Rubina Carlson

Digital Marketing Executive, SeaLink Travel Group

Rubina Carlson is a passionate digital marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. She’s currently working in the tourism sector, but her experience spans across higher education, agency and SME sectors.

She’s also a social media zealot! Her expertise in the field stems from a genuine passion for engaging with others: people, brands, not-for-profits, the arts, South Australia.

Ryan Jones

Founder & CEO at Refuel Creative

Ryan Jones is the founder (and resident genius) of Refuel Creative, with over twenty years’ experience in technology, web design, and marketing. Ryan is a skilled marketer, technology consultant and Google Ads specialist.

Ryan is a Certified Professional Marketer. He’s been a speaker at conferences across Australia and South East Asia on marketing, websites and Google Ads.

Ryan is involved in all aspects of the company. Along with his passion for technology comes his close-knit, creative, energetic team who achieve results time and time again.

Jennifer Evison

Digital Marketing Consultant, Jennifer Evison Consulting

Jen has been in the digital marketing space for over nine years. Working with brands in the United States and Australia, she specialises in social media but understands that how to connect all facets of marketing (online and offline) to meet company goals and objectives.

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