Digital Adelaide 2022

Ryan Jones

Founder & CEO
Refuel Creative

Ryan Jones narrowly missed out on a rallying career, so he turned to marketing instead.

As the CEO and Founder of Refuel Creative, Ryan Jones is a certified marketing professional with over 20 years experience in the industry. Ryan has spoken at several conferences across Australia and South East Asia and shared his expertise in digital marketing, web design, and Google Ads.

Ryan’s passion for technology and marketing started at an early age. At age 12, Ryan started building websites for local businesses to get them started online. With his experience as a ‘website boy wonder’ under his belt, Ryan went on to complete a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) at the University of South Australia.

After graduating, Ryan put his theory into practice and spent the next 10 years working in digital media, online video streaming, and startup businesses. Ryan built up a reputation as a digital marketing guru during this time. This allowed him to combine his practical marketing experience with his passion for technology and help not-for-profits to modernise their technology, marketing and digital media.

Ryan’s passion for tech means that he always keeps an eye on new and emerging technology. In 2008, Ryan saw the potential of online video and pioneered the live-streaming of Australian Motorsport after founding Pure Motorsport. Pure Motorsport helped several Australian motorsport categories get started in live-streaming and online video; including the Australian Formula 3 Championship, Australian Rally Championship, Shannons Nationals, Alpine Rally, Rally SA, and Rally Australia.

In 2017, he formed his own marketing and technology agency – Refuel Creative. Ryan created Refuel to provide expert advice and hands-on digital marketing assistance to organisations of all sizes, from startups to not-for-profits.

By 2022, Refuel Creative has grown above and beyond initial forecasts. With a strong and growing presence in the US, Refuel Creative is now an international company aiming to become a leading marketing agency in the APAC region.

Today, Ryan is still doing what he started at age 12; helping businesses get online with the latest technology and digital marketing solutions.